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Anti Graffiti Coating for Metal

Nanoman Lacquer is a 21st century nanotechnology enabled solution for generating an Easy-to-Clean, Non Stick, and Anti-Graffiti effect on metal, plastic and gel-coat surfaces.  The coating creates a thin invisible barrier, which prevents dirt and other foreign matter adhering to the surface.  Most dirt along with water is effectively rejected from the surface immediately, which means cleaning intervals are prolonged and the cleaning of the substrate surface becomes much easier and less time consuming.

With the Nanoman nano anti graffiti coating for garrage doorssurface friction being reduced and the surface hydrophobic, most contaminants are simply picked up by water (rain or manual spraying) and roll off the surface. Stubborn contaminants, such as graffiti, can be removed easily and quickly by using our citrus based cleaner. There is no need for harsh, environmentally unfriendly chemicals or surface damaging high pressure hoses.

Before applying to plastic, vinyl or painted surfaces check a small section to ensure the surface has not been coated with another sealant or is unstable and not suitable for nano application.

Anti Graffiti Coating for Metal & Plastic



Anti-Graffiti Metal 125ml



With the application of this advanced sealant the surface will be protected from virtually anything in the environment and man can throw at it.  The complex molecular technology makes the coating completely invisible.

This revolutionary nanotechnology enabled coating is a LOW COST, HIGH PEFORMANCE, LONG LIFE ONE COAT potective coating for metals and plastics. It provides complete protection after one application with an amazing spread rate. Protect you metal and plastic surfaces for less than $7 / M2 Compare this to to the cost of removing Graffiti from your garage door.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti for Metal on Stainless Steel Nanoman Anti Graffiti for Metal on Stainless Steel
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The durability of the coating is dependent on several factors including, the type of cleaning agents used, frequency of cleaning intervals and the mechanical stress applied

to the surface. Recommended re-application every 5 years.

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