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Nanotech Products Pty Ltd Distributor of Nanoman nanotechnology coatings
Around the Home Easy Clean Coatings

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Fabric and Textile Protection and Waterproofing

Stainless Steel & Metal Easy / Self Clean Coating

Nano coated Stainless Steel on Left

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Nano Coating for Glass & Ceramic Surfaces

Nanoman Glass & Ceramic on a Shower Screen

Nanoman Textile and Fabric Coat is a powerful water repelling coating that protects almost all types of textile and fabrics from water, dirt, contaminant and stains, whilst remaining totally INVISIBLE.  It does not affect a fabric’s appearance, it ability to breath, its colour, or feel and is easy to use.

Nanoman Stainless Steel and Metal Coat puts an end to stains, grease and other sediments on stainless steel and metal surfaces.  Once applied, you have the optimal protection against all forms of dirt and pollutants. It saves time and money on chemical and aggressive cleaning agents. Dirt, oil and fingerprints will be removable without any effort, as they only stay on the top of the surface.

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Nanoman Glass and Ceramic forms a protective that’s incredibly easy to clean and long lasting.  Aqueous and oily liquids are simply repelled. Foreign matter such as oily substances, limescale and soap scum are prevented from adhering to the surfaces.  Any matter can be easily removed from sanitary ceramics or household glass.   It will reduce your cleaning time by as much as 90% without the need for costly chemical cleaners.

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Nanoman Fabric Water Repellent
Nanoman Fabric protection in action on a tie
Nano Fabric on Tie  Video

Product Detail and Information

Nanoman Metal & Stainless Steel Easy Clean Coating
Nanoman Logo Nano Fabric and Textile Protection Nanoman Logo Nano Stainless Steel and Metal Easy Clean Coating and Protection Nanoman Logo Nano Easy Clean Self Clean Glass Coating

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Nanoman Nano Glass and Ceramic Easy Clean Coating
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