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Auto Paint Sealant

Nanoman Auto Paint Sealant is a nanotechnology enabled sealant which imparts an anti-stick and easy-to-clean effect on car body surfaces, whilst at the same time giving your car the ultimate protection against the elements.

The applied product bonds with and produces a durable two-dimensional net matrix on the surface, which greatly reduces the ability of dirt, dust, water and other pollutants to stick to it. In fact, water readily pearls off the surface taking with it dirt and other pollutants.

Once applied, your car will require considerably less cleaning, which can be easily done with just water and a soft (micro fibre) cloth, without the need for chemical cleaning products.

In addition to providing an outstanding protective barrier against corrosion and weathering, Nanoman AutoPaint will also refresh the existing car paint work and leave it with a deep high gloss shine. It maintains the appearance of your car as well as potentially maximising it's resale value.

The Sealant provides 100% UV protection and is resistant to most car washing detergents and cleaning chemicals.

Nanoman AutoPaint is easy to apply and durable, giving your car 12 to 18 months protection after just a single application.



Auto Paint Sealant






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Auto Paint Sealant



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Great for car enthusiasts and those who just want to maintain the look and value of their car. Ideal for car or truck fleet owners, car detailers, car dealers, professional car wash providers who want to provide their clients with a superior service or upgrade service and panel repair shops.  

Nanoman Auto paint Sealant will protect your painted surfaces and offer a highly durable layer that will help repel water, dirt, grime, and dust making it more difficult for contaminants to adhere onto the paintwork.