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Bicycle Lube & Corrosion Protection

Wet / Dry Lubrication and Corrosion Protection for Your Bicycle

Nanoman Bicycle Nano Lube and Rust Protection

Bicycle Nano Lube

Nanoman Bicycle is a nanotechnology enabled waterproofing, anti rust and anti friction spray that protects metal, moving parts and mechanisms, making sure your bike is powerfully protected against corrosion, without compromising on lubrication.

Nanoman Bicycle  is suitable for use on all bicycles, from the everyday commuter bike to dirt bikes and to the road and mountain bike racer.  

Through the application of Nanoman Bicycle, your mountain, dirt or road bike is coated with a protective layer that lubricates to reduce friction while also providing moisture protection regardless of weather, temperature or other major environmental factors.  Your bike’s components are protected  giving you optimum performance.

After applying Nanoman to your bicycle is protected in all environments. Whether you’re riding along a dusty coastal road, caking your chain on a sticky mud track, or riding in the most relentless of rains, Nanoman will allow you to keep riding.

Advantages of Nanoman Lubricant and Corrosion Protection:

Advantages of Nanoman Lubricant and Corrosion Protection


Nanoman provides a lubricating coating between key points of friction, as well as protecting against corrosion. When lubricating your bike, you must protect the moving parts, where metal pieces move against one another.  In particular, focus on these spots:

Chain: lubricate the lower run of links as you pedal backwards until you've lightly coated the entire chain.

Derailleurs: coat the pivot points on the derailleur bodies. And, for the rear, apply a little to the centre of the derailleur pulleys. Apply to the adjustment barrel also.

Brake and shifter levers: apply to the moving points of the levers and the barrel adjusters to keep them functioning properly. Then wipe away any excess.

Brakes: apply to the pivot points where the brake parts move against each other. Do NOT get lube on the brake pads or rims!

Pedals: apply on the part where your pedal meets the crankarm.  Also apply if your shoes and pedals are creaking when you ride or it's difficult to get in or out.

Suspension fork:  apply to the upper fork legs .

Areas of Application for Nanoman Bicycle Lube & Protection

Areas of Application for Nanoman Bicycle Lube and Protection


Nanoman has the latest in nanotechnology that it is perfectly designed for performance and protecting you against corrosion, squeaks and wear.

Nanoman works as a dry or wet lube; in wind, rain, dry or arid conditions, our unique nanotechnology means that whether your bike is bone dry or caked in mud, Nanoman will attach itself  and protect the coated surface.

Areas of Application for Nanoman Bicycle Lube & Protection

Features of Nanoman Bicycle Lube and Protection

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