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Nanoman Fabric Spray protects automotive fabrics and textiles including car seats,from water, dirt, contaminant and stains, whilst remaining totally INVISIBLE.

It does not affect the fabric’s appearance, its ability to breath, its colour, or feel. And is comes in an easy ready to use spray bottle.

Nanoman Fabric Spray surrounds every fibre with an anti adhesion coating and as a result, dirt cannot adhere to the material and liquid cannot be soaked up by the fibres.  Water coffee and liquids are repelled from treated fabric and textiles.

Nanoman Fabric Spray provides ideal protection for car seats and convertible and soft top roofs. The look, breakability and feel of the fabric remain unchanged.

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Car Fabric and Textile Protection

Car Seats:

Car seats of every material including leather can be treated.  Say goodbye to stains and contaminants developing on car seats through, children spillages or sitting on them in wet /dirty clothes.  

Convertible & Soft Top Car Roofs:

The build up of staining is a thing of the past for fabrics treated with Nanoman Fabric. In fact rain on treated surfaces acts as a cleaner as the rain cannot penetrate the fabric and it beads and rolls off taking contaminants with it.  (Also product is UV-stable)

Car Seats Carpet & Fabric Roof Protection


The durability of Nanoman Fabric depends on several factors, such as the frequency of wear, cleaning and mechanical abrasion. In ideal conditions a single treatment will last at least 12 months.  Assuming “average” use and cleaning we provide the following as a guide.

Car Seats 1-2 Years

Convertible Roofs 12 months

Car Carpet very dependent on use and traffic. But on average 12 months

Coverage is dependent upon the absorbency of the fabric being treated.

It ranges between 50 and 100 ml/m2 (Average 70-80ml / m2).

Available in Bulk and 250ml, 750ml and 1 Litre trigger sprayers.


 Nanoman Fabric Coverage

Nanoman Textile 250ml



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Car Carpets:

Nanoman Fabric is the answer for keeping car carpet cleaner for longer. It protects your carpet against water and liquid stains - and stays invisible! It does not affect the look, texture, breathability or colour and it's easy to use.

Baby Seats:

The ultimate protection from liquid spills and those “baby” accidents.

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Nanoman Fabric provides waterproofing on fabric in daily use, which will remain dry. Coffee, wine and other liquid stains from spills belong in the past after treatment with Nanoman Fabric. Unlike other products on the market today, Nanoman Fabric is a water based, environmentally friendly and totally harmless to the skin.

It is odour free and being water based is non – flammable. It also has been certified to carry the Eco Passport in Europe.

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Fabric Protection
Nanoman in in action on concertible soft top roof
Car Carpet Protection
Nanoman in action on car carpet
Car Seat Protection
Nanoman Fabric in action on a car seat


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