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Glass and Ceramic Coating

Nanoman Glass and Ceramic is a clear nanotechnology enabled coating engineered specifically to impart self cleaning / easy cleaning properties to all glass, ceramic and porcelain surfaces.

The coating forms a long lasting bond with the surface to repel water and prevent the build up of dirt, soap scum, limescale and other contaminants.

Foreign matter such as oily substances, limescale and soap scum are prevented from adhering to the surfaces. Any matter can be easily removed from shower screens and glass, tiles and sanitary ceramics.

Surfaces still requires some cleaning, but your cleaning time can be reduced by up to 90%. The use of additional cleaning agents almost becomes redundant. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is needed to keep coated surfaces clean.

The coating can be applied on washing basins, showers, bathtubs, toilets etc... to protect against contaminants and bacteria to increase the standard of hygiene. Time and effort spent on cleaning, as well as the use of cleaning agents and chemicals, will be reduced.

It is a 21st century solution that does away with one of the most time consuming, irritating problems in daily cleaning. The easy clean coating makes sanitary ware, tiles, glass and porcelain resistant to water, dirt, lime, corrosion, fungus and mould. This not only makes it far quicker to clean, but you can also enjoy the results for much longer.

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Nanoman Glass & Ceramic Easy Clean Coverage and Bottle Sizes:


1 x 250ml Pre Cleaner

1 x 135ml Glass & Ceramic Coating

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Glass & Ceramic Easy Clean Protective Coating


Individual Bottle Sizes

135ml Glass & Ceramic Coating

250ml Glass & Ceramic Coating

750ml Glass & Ceramic Coating

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Nanoman also protects the environment. Harsh cleaning chemicals are not only expensive, they're also potentially harmful to your family and to the environment. Nanoman Glass & Ceramic Easy Clean Protective Coating cuts the need for household cleaning products. A quick wipe with a damp cloth or occasionally mild detergent is all you'll ever need.

Eco Friendly Easy Clean Bathroom Coatings

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Frameless glass shower screens and glass splashbacks have become more and more popular in recent years.  These products look fantastic when they are clean, but ordinary when they are not!  The appearance of glass deteriorates over time, and this is most obvious on shower screens. This occurs due to a process known as glass corrosion.  The use of Nanoman Glass & Ceramic protects the surface and keeps it looking new and prevents corrosion, while also being easy clean

Nanoman Easy Clean Glass and Ceramic Coating
Nanoman Easy Clean Glass and Ceramic Coating on Tiles
Easy Clean Bathroom Coatings from Nanoman Nanoman Easy Clean Bathroom Coatings

Reduce cleaning

time by up to 90%



7ml to 12ml per M2

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