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Those who are not afraid to ride in the rain know that vision often is reduced by the water droplets on the helmet visor.  

Nanoman Synthetic (Plastic) Coating is an excellent Visor Rain Repellent. It  enhances visibility in a variety of damp and wet conditions.

Applied to a motorcycle visor, this nanotehcnology enabled coating repels water. After the visor is coated larger rain droplets will bead and roll off your lenses with gravity or the wind. Mist or smaller droplets with become more rounded and less noticeable and when riding a motor cycle with the air moving over the helmet quickly clearing the smallest water droplets from the face shield.

The coated surface displays a very high ability to repel water, dirt and oil, known as the “lotus effect”.  Similar to how a lotus leaf works in nature, the super hydrophobic properties of Nanoman Windscreen Rain Repellent makes water bead up and run off quickly.

It simply sprays on and allows riders to maintain optimum clarity in conditions where it would normally be hindered as the spray 'beads' rain and water causing it to run off.

Helmet Visor Nano Rain Repellent

Spray-on Rain Repellent for Visors and Goggles

Water on plastic lenses, shields or windows can destroy your vision. Rain drops distort what you see and at night they cause distracting reflections. This distortion can be deadly when riding a motorcycle in the rain.  Also, water on your lenses attracts dirt and salts that build up as the water evaporates. This debris reduces your vision still further. During cleaning, this dirt will cause those micro scratches that shorten the life of your expensive plastic eyewear, lenses shields or windows.  This can all be avoided through the application of Nanoman Plastic Protection coating.

Nanoman Synthetic (Plastic) Coating is easy to apply to helmet visors and is long long lasting, .  The coating repels water by beading up the drops.  Because those beads of water have less contact with your plastic optics, the larger ones run off with gravity or the wind.  The remaining water will appear as smaller and more rounded droplets rather than a smear that distorts your vision.  By repelling the water, the trapped dirt and salts stay off your lenses or shields. So you will not need to clean them as often.


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APPLICATIONS--PLASTIC ONLY (Nanoman Synthetic Material (Plastic) coating does not work on glass; Please use Nanoman Glass and Ceramic Coating which is engineered for Glass service))

Nanoman Synthetic Material (Plastic) Coating has excellent water repelling properties on all plastics we have tested, however it is not possible totest Nanoman on every plastic available so if you have an uncommon polymer surface to treat, please try a small section first.

This is a rain repellent not an anti fogging agent






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Rain Repellent Helmet Visor

This coating is a true Nano technology enabled product which provides unbeatable long term performance.

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