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Nanoman Nanoman Universal is a moisture protection spray that protects metal, mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and installations against all types of moisture. This includes vapour, humidity, condensation, burst pipes, flooding, rain, saltwater and acid rain. This protection is even possible if the object to be protected is already wet or has even been fully submerged.

Nanoman Universal restores and ensures continued electrical conductivity of circuits, in the most hostile of environments, including extreme humidity or wet marine environments.  It protects and also drives moisture out of electrical connections and circuits repairing and eliminating short-circuiting.

Nanoman Universal also provides protection from rust and corrosion as well as providing lubrication and penetrative properties ensuring outstanding levels of protection, regardless of environment conditions.

Nanoman Universal is a mixture of highly refined oils with special corrosion protection agents. The product has an extreme penetration and capillary ability. As a result, Nanoman Universal pushes water and humidity away in all electrical connections and electrical devices by building up a three-dimensional nanostructured hydrophobic network. This water repelling film ensures the functionality of electrical devices even when they are exposed to extreme water conditions.  As a result of these amazing properties, Nanoman Universal delivers a measurable diaelectric strength of up to 256KV/cm 100 hours after spraying. This compares to 140KV/cm for glass and 200 KV/cm for porcelene, both materials commonly used to insulate against voltage leakage or strikes.

NANOMAN UNIVERSAL is available in two forms; Standard which leaves a slight oil film on the protected surface and Dry form.

Universal Dry has been developed to perform the same functions as the Standard Universal, however this version will dry hard and form an elastic coating on the electrical device giving potentially more options to protect against moisture and extreme weather conditions.  

With the Dry coating, even more uses are possible. Devices that require handling or that may attract dust can now be protected against the effects of moisture giving you the same continuous operation as provided by the Standard Universal.  

Nano Water Protection for Electrical

The  Ultimate  Nano  Technology  Circuit Protection for Marine Use


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Moisture and Corrosion Protection

For all Electronic Electromechanical Equipment Devices and Systems

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This product is packaged in retail sizes of 135ml 250ml & 1 Litre.  It is also available in commercial pack sizes for shipyards, docks, nautical clubs, big length boats, etc. (2,5, & 20 Litres)


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Universal Protect 250ml



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Nano Electrical Circuit Protection

Nanotechnology  Electrical and Circuit Moisture Protection

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