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Nanoman Fabric & Textile is an fibre protection coating that will protect almost any type of textile against water, dirt and stains, whilst remaining completely invisible.

Engineered to provide long lasting protection, this incredible coating repels liquids effectively water-proofing them against stains and water damage. Liquid spills will run off or can be soaked up with a paper towel or cloth, eliminating a potential stain so as to maintain the look and condition of all types of furniture, bedding, covers, Bimini’s, carpet and even clothing and footwear.

 It can be used on leather, suede, vinyl, wool, cotton, silk and synthetics and will not affect the textiles appearance, its colour, its feel, nor its ability to breathe. In fact, due to its protective properties, it will reduce the effects of fading, adding years to the life of these assets.

Nanoman Fabric & Textile operates by surrounding each material fibre with incredibly small nano particles that effectively protects the fibre and repels liquids.  Non-liquid particles, i.e. dirt and other contaminants, are easily “lifted” by using a damp cloth, negating the need to use chemical cleaners or in worst-case scenarios, replacing the item.

Nanoman Fabric & Textile is non-silicone based and free of fluorocarbons and fluoropolymers.  It is water based, therefore no risk of catching fire, has been certified as Food Safe and met all the requirements for an ECO-Passport. It is approved for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is a global classification.  


The Nanocoating itself is optically neutral (invisible) and UV stable (won't degrade due to sunlight). On non-washable items, such as furniture, it will retain its super-hydrophobic effect for up to 2 years (assuming it is applied properly). On materials subject to a lot of friction, e.g. seats, and carpets, we’d recommend re-application every 12 months to maintain optimal performance.  On washable items, it will remain effective for up to 10 washes and possibly longer on some materials.

Harsh marine environmental conditions can lead to a much faster deterioration of materials as well as the build up and growth of algae and mould.  Nanoman Fabric and textile is an extremely easy, efficient and economical solution to these problems.  Protect your investment and minimise on-going costs but using this now available 21st century technology.

Marine Fabric Stain & Water Protection

Stain and Water Repellent for all Fabric and Textiles

Perfect for Pleasure & Commercial Vessels  


 Benefits of Nanoman Fabric and Textile Water / Stain Repelling  Coating

Nanotechnology Fabric and Textile Protection

Water Repellent - Dirt Repellent - Easy Clean Surface - 100% Transparent - UV Protection - Time Saver - Money Saver

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This product is packaged in retail sizes of 250ml 750ml & 1 Litre.  It is also available in commercial pack sizes for shipyards, docks, nautical clubs, big length boats, etc. (2,5, & 20 Litres)


Bottle Sizes

Nanotechnology allows a little to go a long way!  

Coverage for Nanoman Fabric Coating is on average is 70-80ml / M2



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