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Nanoman Glass Coating is a nanotechnology-enabled coating engineered for all types of glass to provide a surface that repels liquids and particles of contamination that would otherwise adhere to the glass surface.  This Coating is designed to minimise the time and costs associated with cleaning these surfaces and provide better visibility in between cleans.

Nanoman Glass fundamentally changes the surface of glass creating a super-hydrophobic effect. Self-organising nano particles which are microscopically small, self organise themselves to create an invisible and extremely smooth (hydrophobic) layer on the glass. Dirt, salt particles and other contaminants cannot permanently attach to this surface and are easily washed off.

Glass at the micro level is pitted with peaks and troughs.Sea salt is easily trapped in the microscopic hills and valleys of glass surfaces Add moisture and these deposits can soak into the glass reducing visibility.

Nano coatings are able to imbed onto the glass.  In doing so they provide a solid, long-lasting bond with the glass. They self organise themselves to form an extremely smooth outer layer which  turns water into small beads which with contaminants are easily swept away by wind, ensuring dramatically clearer vision in the wet and and times extreme marine conditions

It can be a very time consuming and costly exercise to maintain glass in good condition in order to maintain good visibility.  One application of Nanoman Glass will not only reduce these ongoing maintenance costs but also result in better optical clarity (particularly night time visibility).

Nano coated glass will require significantly less cleaning and can be cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth. Chemical cleaners can be reduced by up to 90% resulting in significant cost savings as well as reducing the environmental footprint. Factoring in nano coatings at the inception phase of boat and shipbuilding will have a positive impact on the Life Cycle Cost Equation and Return on Investment involved.

Nano Easy / Self Clean Glass Coating

The  Ultimate  Easy / Self Cleaning Marine Glass Protective Water Repelling Coating


 Benefits of Nanoman Marine Boat Polish and Gel Coat Seal

Nanotechnology Marine Glass Protection

Water Repellent - Dirt Repellent - Easy Clean Surface - 100% Transparent - UV Protection - Time Saver - Money Saver

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This product is packaged in retail sizes of 135ml 250ml & 1 Litre.  It is also available in commercial pack sizes for shipyards, docks, nautical clubs, big length boats, etc. (2,5, & 20 Litres)


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Nanotechnology allows a little to go a long way!  

Coverage for Nanoman Glass Coating is on average is 10 - 12ml / M2


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