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Nano Coating for Glass & Ceramic Surfaces

Nanoman Glass and Ceramic forms a protective that’s incredibly easy to clean and long lasting.  Aqueous and oily liquids are simply repelled. Foreign matter such as oily substances, limescale and soap scum are prevented from adhering to the surfaces.  Any matter can be easily removed from sanitary ceramics or household glass.   It will reduce your cleaning time by as much as 90% without the need for costly chemical cleaners.

Nanoman Glass & Ceramic on a Shower Screen
Nanoman Glass & Ceramic on a Shower Screen

Nano Coating on Glass Shower Screen

Nano Coating Demo on Ceramic Tiles

Nanomnan Logo Nano Timber CoatingNanoman Logo Nano Fabric Prptection for Car Seats

Fabric Waterproofing and Stain Protection

Nanoman Textile is a nanotechnology enabled textile and fabric sealant.  Perfect for all fabric, textile and leather. Once applied it forms a microscopic protective layer making all textile and fabric surfaces super hydrophobic. Put simply the application of Nanoman Textile means liquids will not be able to penetrate the surface making all fabric and textile surfaces water proof and stain resistant.

Nanoman Fabric Protection on Carpet
Nanoman Nano Coating protecting a car seat from liquid spills

Nano Fabric Protection on Car Carpet

Nano Fabric Protection for Car Seats

Nanoman Fabric Protection on a Coach / Sofa
Nanoman Nano Coating protecting protecting shoes from water and liquid

Nano Fabric Protection on a Couch

Nano Fabric Protection for Shoes

Nano Plastic Water Repellent on Visor

Electrical Circuit Protection

Nano Rain Repellent Easy Clean Coating For Plastics

Nanoman Synthetic Material (Plastic) Coating and Protection is a 21st century nanotechnology enabled solution for caring for plastic surfaces.  The coating creates a thin invisible barrier which prevents dirt and other foreign matter adhering to the surface.  Most dirt along with water is effectively rejected from the surface immediately which means cleaning intervals are prolonged and the cleaning of the plastic surface becomes much easier and less time consuming. Additionally  is an excellent Visor Rain Repellent.  Applied to a motorcycle visor, it repels water. After the visor is coated larger rain droplets bead and roll off visors with gravity or the wind.

Nano Rain Repellent Easy Clean Coating for Plastics Helmet Visors Logo

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