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Fabric and Textile Waterproofing and Stain Protection

Nanoman Fabric Protection is a powerful coating that protects Fabric, Leather Suede, Canvas and Textile surfaces from water, dirt, contaminant and stains, whilst remaining totally invisible.  

It does not affect a fabric’s appearance, its ability to breath, its colour, or feel and is easy to use.

After application Nanoman Fabric surrounds the surfaces every fibre with an anti adhesion coating and as a result, dirt cannot adhere to the material and liquid cannot be absorbed into the fabric.  Water, coffee and liquid substances are are repelled from the fabric.

Nanoman Fabric Protection is the perfect coating for wool, silk, synthetics, suede, canvas and leather. The look, breathability and feel of the fabric remain unchanged.  It can be applied to every fabric, from the finest silk to hard wearing cotton, on suits, jackets, shirts blouses, sports jackets, ties, trousers, tracksuits, jeans, raincoats, cycle clothing, leather garments and adventure wear.

Nanoman’s 21st century formulation provides previously unheard of protection for upholstery, from sofas, to car seats and even public transport seating.

Nanoman Fabric Protection is also ideal on outdoor fabric used in awnings, umbrellas, sun shades, marquees and tents.  It protects against water, dirt and stains and stays invisible.  In fact rain on the treated surface acts as a cleaner as the rain cannot penetrate into the surface with water forming droplets and rolling off taking dirt and dust with them.   

The other benefit of Nanoman Fabric is that is is free from alcohol, is water based, totally harmless to the skin and environmentally friendly.  It contains no harmful substances as evidenced by its Eco-Passport. An Eco Passport is only issued after independent laboratory testing confirms its safety and suitability in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Once coated, rain and  water will form droplets on the surface and roll off.

Performance is robust and long lasting due to effects of the nanoparticles incorporated into a non-polymer based matrix i.e. it is a dispersion of functionalized nanoparticles in a water base. Over the curing period (5 to 6 hrs), nanoparticles self-assemble across the surface and bond with the surface.

The applied coating evaporates over the curing period leaving only the nanoparticles that form a uniform thin layer of 50 – 60 nm over the surface.

Textile and Fabric Nano Water Repelling Coating

Nanoman Fabric Waterpoofing and protection for annexes Cafe Umbrella Protection & Waterproofing SDS Instructions Product Info

Protection for all Textile and Fabric Surfaces including, Sofas, Upholstery, Sun Shades, Awnings, Cafe Umbrellas, Marquees and all types of Clothing.  

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