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Graffiti Removal / Cleaner

Graffiti Cleaner for Surfaces Protected with  Nano Anti Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti Cleaner / Remover

Nanoman Graffiti Remover / Cleaner  is used specifically for the removal of graffiti from all surfaces protected with Nanoman Graffiti Protection (Porous Surfaces) and Nanoman Lacquer (Graffiti Protection for Non-Porous Surfaces) . It can be used on Nanoman protected surfaces and untreated surfaces including brickwork (painted and unpainted), concrete, various types of metal surfaces (e.g. galvanised, aluminium and steel) as well as timber and plastic (e.g. Perspex) surfaces. Due to its quick action, graffiti on painted surfaces can be removed effectively without causing damage to the Nanoman Anti Graffiti coat underneath the graffiti. Removes residue left from spray cans, felt pen based paints and inks.

Nanoman Graffiti Remover / Cleaner is a user friendly blend of organic solvents. It has been specially blended to produce a product capable of removing graffiti on all surfaces projected with Nanoman Non Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coatings. All types of enamel paint and acrylic paints are easily removed.

Nanoman Graffiti Remover / Cleaner is easy to use and is suitable for for the professional and DIY user alike. Features include:

Recommended for use on surfaces protected with Nanoman Anti Graffiti Coatings.  Always test on an inconspicuous place before using.  May need diluting with water on plastic and vinyl surfaces. Always test first. Be careful and test when using on “unprotected” surfaces.


   Graffiti Cleaner 750ml



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Advantages of Nanoman Graffiti Cleaner / Remover

Nanoman Graffiti Remover for Nano Protected Surfaces

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