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Nanoman timber and wood nano coating prolongs the natural look of timber

Wood & Timber Coat

Wood is one of the most versatile materials known to man.  It has been used for centuries in all forms of buildings and structures.  However wood is susceptible to damage from the environment, including UV light, moisture, algae, moss, fungi which all accelerate decay.

Nanoman Wood and Timber Coat is Nanoman timber and wood nano coatinga non-polymeric nanotechnology enabled coating specifically engineered for wood which fundamentally changes the surface making the any wooden surface super hydrophobic. Self organising nano components form an invisible layer on the timber surface with excellent water and oil repelling properties.  With a simple application technique it changes the fundamental properties of any timber surface.

Nanoman Wood and Timber Coat will protect the surface from the elements and create a water repellent hydrophobic affect while allowing the surface to breath.

Nanoman Wood and Timber Coat is designed to react with timber surfaces to create a long lasting a non stick, water, oil and dirt repelling surface that will help repel rain and dirt making it near impossible for contaminants to adhere to the surface.




Nanoman Timber is not suitable for painted or varnished surfaces.  Also before applying to furniture check a small section to ensure the surface has not been coated with another sealant.

Wood and Timber Coating




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Nanoman Timber 250ml



By the application of this advanced sealant the surface will be protected from virtually anything in the environment.  The complex molecular technology makes the coating completely invisible.

Nanoman Wood and Timber Coat is a nanotechnology enabled tcoating specifically designed for timber.  The nanoparticles form a strong bond with the timber resulting in long lasting benefits.

Nanoman timber and wood nano coating in action on decking Nanoman timber and wood nano coating in action on a deck

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