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What is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology relates to the production, research and use of extremely small structures. The word 'nano' comes from the Greek language and means 'midget'. One nm (short for nanometre) equals one millionth of a millimeter or in other words one ten thousandth of the thickness of one human hair. The nanometre scale is the scale of single atoms and tiny molecules. One nanometre represents about 4 to 6 atoms. Particles on a nano scale, so called nano particles, or polymers (smaller than 100nm) are the building blocks of this technology. The ability to utilise materials on the atomic level and the use of the unique phenomena that occur on that small scale, give a huge amount of possibilities for almost every field.

Nanotechnology is one of the key technologies that will change our lives in the future. With nanotechnology we will be able to dive into structures on a nano-molecule level. Nanotechnology is a technology based on the manipulation of single atoms and molecules, to structure and re-structure complex atomic formations. The scale of a nano-molecule relates to a basketball compared to the size of the earth.

The word Nano has become fashionable and unfortunately it is often used for products that have nothing to do with nanotechnology. This is very new and very complex that few people know how to handle and create. This technology will evolve, and will facilitate the life of man in greatly reducing the use of cleaning products and pollutants. This technology has an infinite amount of applications and opens the door to a new industrial revolution comparable to that triggered by computers. This phenomenon has been researched by scientist and can now be reproduced for use as nano coatings.
Time and money can be saved, and cleaning agents become almost redundant.

Relative size of nano particles

When molecules that normally bustle about unorganised in materials, are structured in a way that each atom stay where it should be, the impossible becomes possible.

Materials get new powers when the atoms are controlled and closely arranged.  Nanotechnology manipulates molecules through current, magnetism and chemistry, so that they organise themselves. Nature serves as the model for that: the cell and its function. The aim of nanotechnology is making molecules organise themselves without the help of a human.

Relative size of nano particles used in nano coatings
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Everyone is joining the ‘Nano’ trend and a number of manufacturers are putting nano on all their products. However all our products incorporate true nanotechnology that has been developed following extensive testing and research. It should not be confused with off-the-shelf products that simply have ‘nano’ in their name.

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