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Nanoman Synthetic Material (Plastic) Coating and Protection is a 21st century nanotechnology enabled solution for caring for plastic surfaces.  The hydrophobic and oleophobic effect of the coating causes particles of contamination such as grease and oil, lime-scale and materials from environmental pollution to not bond the coated surface  and allow them to be easily removed from the coating, without applying abrasive agents ("Easy-to-clean" effect).

Plastic Polycarb & Synthetic Material Coating




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With the surface friction being reduced and the surface hydrophobic most contaminants are simply picked up by water (rain or manual spraying) and roll off the surface. Stubborn contaminants can be removed with water and a damp cloth in most cases.

The coating is chemically stable amd resistant to most mild household and industrial cleaners (with the exception of concentrated lye - sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide)

The permanent  bond made with the plastic enables excellent abrasion resistance.

The coating is also UV-stability maintaining functionality for an extended period of time.  The coating is not damaged slowly by sunlight  External surfaces are also protected from weather corrosion.

    Once coated water will form droplets and roll-off the surface and will not spread out into a uniform film.

The coating creates a thin invisible barrier which prevents dirt and other foreign matter adhering to the surface.  Most dirt along with water is effectively rejected from the surface immediately which means cleaning intervals are prolonged and the cleaning of the plastic surface becomes much easier and less time consuming.

When used as a rain repellent on Motor Bike Helmet visors it should be noted that this is not a anti fogging treatment.  The Nanoman coating repels rain from the visor exterior.  Visors should be tested regularly to ensure ongoing rain repellency

Nanoman Plastic / Synthetic Material Protection Coating for playground equipment Nanoman Synthetic / Plastic protection spray for acryclic pool dome Nanoman Self Clean Protection for acrylic balcony Nanoman Synthetic coating for making Motor cycle visors rain repellent



Nanoman Plastic / Poly 125ml

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A please note that prior to application of nano coating the surface needs to be clean and dry preferably cleaned with Nanoman Pre Cleaner

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