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Pre Cleaner for Nano Coatings

Pre Cleaner for Surfaces to be coated with Nano Coatings and Sealants

Pre Cleaning Surfaces with Nanoman Pre-Cleaner

Pre Cleaner

Nanoman Pre Cleaner is to be used to thoroughly clean surfaces before coating the with nano sealants. It is highly recommended that it is used on Glass, Windows, Ceramic, Stainless Steel and Metal prior to the application of the nano sealant. The Pre Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner and removes dirt remains like oil, grease, smoke, nicotine, soot, wax, surfactant and dirt residues from almost all surfaces.

For surfaces that are badly stained or marked a chemical cleaner and scrubbing may be required to remove stains built up over time, however this should be followed with the use of Nanoman Pre Cleaner to ensure the surface to be treated is free from containments prior to to applying Nanoman nanotechnology sealants.

Apart as a pre cleaner for surfaces to be treated with nano sealants it is also an ideal for the de-greasing of all surfaces in industrial kitchens. It can also be used to clean cars and automobiles.

Nanoman Pre Cleaner dissolves petroleum or oil-based products, as well as many non-polar compounds. It’s make up is a simple carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen combination, making it non-toxic and safe in many environments. Quick evaporation is also a beneficial feature, making it perfect cleanser for sensitive electronic or robotic equipment in manufacturing facilities. Removing hydraulic fluid, motor oil, and bearing grease are just a few of its industrial uses.

Use as a Pre Cleaner on the following surfaces before the application of the appropriate Nanoman nano sealant:

After usein the Nanoman Pre Cleaner, please ensure the surface is completely dry (and dirt free) before applying the nano sealant.  After cleaner with Nanoman Pre Cleaner the surface should be dry in 15 to 30 minutes as the cleaner is qucik evaporating.

Nanoman Pre Cleaner 250ml



Pre Cleaning Stainless Steel prior to Nano application Pre Cleaner Surface Preperation for Nano Coatings

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Caution - Ensure Surface is Dry