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Nanoman Nano Stone Brick and Concrete Nano Coating and Sealer Nano Coating and Sealer for Stone Brick and Concrete

Nanotechnology Enabled Stone and Brick Coating Penetrating Sealer

Based on Nanotechnology, the product contains specially modified, functional nanoparticles that are specially linked into a Silicon Matrix. Self-organizing Nano components form an invisible layer on the surface with excellent Water and Oil Repellent properties. This coating is very versatile penetrating sealer and coating in one which outperforms traditional solvent based sealers.

The coating takes about 7-8 hrs to completely cure. Once coated,  the water will form droplets and roll-off.

Nano Penetrating Sealer for BricksNano penetrating Sealer for ConcreteNano penetrating Sealer for Masonary

Stone, Brick and Concrete Coat

Dirt Stain and Water  Protection for for Stone, Tile and Concrete Landscaping.

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Nano penetrating Sealer for Granite and Marble Nano penetrating Sealer for non ceramic tiles Nano penetrating Sealer for Concrete and Pavers Nano penetrating Sealer for memorials Nano penetrating Sealer for Concrete Furniture
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This nanocoating differs from conventional water-proofing chemicals available at present. Conventional water-proofing chemicals are of soapy nature, colored and are generally calcium salt or organosilane based and are unable to impart hydrophobic, anti-bacterial and thermal properties.

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Approx. 70-100 ml/m² (depending on the absorbency of the mineral surface)

Due t the penetrative effect of the nano-particles the

coating, depending upon environmental factors, can be effective for up to 7 years. However, to

maintain maximum performance we recommend reapplication every 3 to 4 years or as required in

harsh environments.

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Nanotech Products Telephone Number 1300 696 266 Nanoman email

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Nanotech Products Telephone Number 1300 696 266 Nanoman email

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Water Repellent - Transparent – Self / Easy-to-Clean

 Nano Coating for Brick Stone & Concrete


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