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Nanoman Stone and Brick Nano Sealer

Stone, Brick and Concrete Sealer

Nanoman Stone, Brick and Concrete Coat is a high-performance, nanotechnology enabled coating for protection of mineral surfaces such as natural stone (including sandstone, bluestone, granite, marble, travertine), concrete, brick, pavers, and cementitious materials.

Nanoman uses the latest advances in science to utilise nanoparticles that self-organize to form an invisible layer on the material with excellent Water and Oil Repellent properties.


Stone, Brick, Concrete Coating & Sealer

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Nanoman Stone Coating and Sealer is not a topical sealer that just coats the surface of stone, it is a highly refined impregnating sealer which penetrates deep into the material with nano particles to join with the materials pores and repels water and / or contaminants from within the material.  Unlike a topical sealer this steal allows the stone to breath and does not alter its appearance or slip characteristics.

This amazing product protects and waterproofs against the effects of pollution and damage from oil, grease, dirt and water penetration and various pollutants. It protects against salt water, chemicals, fizzy drinks and wine and prevents the formation of algae, moss and efflorescence.

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After applying Nanonman Stone, Brick and Concrete Coat dirt and grime particles such as grease and oily substances, calk and contaminants from the environment can no longer permeate and be absorbed by the mineral surface. Dirt particles are easy to remove, without the need for abrasive cleaning solvents or cleaning devices.

Once applied nanoscale particles bond with the stone surface to form a  long lasting protective and waterproof barrier.  The surface is effectively waterproofed from the inside out with no moisture able to penetrate into the surface.

Nanoman Stone, Brick and Concrete Coat is a clear, colourless, breathable, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean,  waterproofing spray based ideal for absorbent mineral substrates such as:

The product can also be applied to floors and wall coverings, building facades, functional terracotta or roofing tiles.

Nanoman Stone, Brick and Concrete Coat will protect almost all mineral substrates from water ingress, pollution, vegetation, algae and staining keeping your surface looking like new, saving you energy, time and money.

Nanoman protecting outdoor brick and stone

Stone & Concrete 250ml



Nanoman waterproofing and protecting Stone and Concrete Nanoman for Outdoor Stone Protection Nanoman for Indoor Stone Marble and Granite Protection


No alcohol

No Flouro Chemicals

No Acetone

No Petroleum

No Naphtha



Eco Friendly

Odour Free

Non Flammable

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