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Nano protection for timber decking

Commercial Nano Timber Coating

Based on Chemical Nanotechnology, the synthesized product contains specially modified, functional nanoparticles that are specially linked into a Silane Matrix in a Water Base. Self-organizing Nano components form an invisible layer on the surface with Excellent Water and Oil Repellent properties. This coating is very versatile with special additional properties like UV protection incorporated into the material. It keeps timber features and structure looking natural.

Once coated, the water form droplets and roll off.

Performance of this coat is robust due to effects of inorganic nanoparticles incorporated in non-polymer based matrix i.e. it is a dispersion of functionalized nanoparticles in a water base. This water acts as carrier in spreading the coating across the applied surface. Over the curing period (5 to 6 hrs), nanoparticles self-assemble across the surface and bonds with the surface.

Water Repellent - Dust Repellent - UV Protection

Thermal Shock Absorbing - Transparent   

No Moisture or Mould Build up

Wood and Timber Water Repelling Nano Coating

Nano Coatings for protecting exposed timber Nano protection for use on timber landscaping Nano protection coating for use on outdoor timber furniture Nano protection for all external timber surfaces Nano Water replleing coating for cubby houses and play equipment SDS Instructions Brochure

The ultimate in waterproofing all natural timber surfaces

Nanoman in Action on Timber Deck

The coating evaporates over the curing period leaving only inorganic nanoparticles that form a uniform thin layer of 50 – 60 nm over the surface.

This nanocoating does not remain only as a coating on the surface but fine nanoparticles penetrate deep inside porous wood through its fine pores and over a period of time covers a large part of the wood, and continues to penetrate & spread inside, rendering robust antidamp/bacterial/thermal effect. This effect is due to only nano-size particles being able to penetrate inside because a matrix (solvent) has been used for dispersion that evaporates & leaves behind only nanoparticles. For this scientific reason, this coating would likely to have effect throughout the life time of the existence of the coated building.

This nanocoating also can be incorporated with robust anti-bacterial effects that do not allow algae/scale formation and is superior compared with fragile and low performance organic additives used in manufacturing conventional polymer based coatings.

The coat is optically neutral i.e. completely transparent and while applied over wood surface, the colour of surface is retained over a long period of time.

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Nano Water Repelling Proctective Coating for Wood Log

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