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Nanotech Products Pty Ltd Distributor of Nanoman nanotechnology coatings

Nanoman Wheel and Rim is a nanotechnology sealant designed to protect your wheels and rims against dirt, grime and brake dust to keep them looking like new.

It forms a tough ultra thin invisible barrier on the wheel providing excellent protection against brake dust and its corrosive effects.  The nano coating is only a few nanometeres thin and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

After treatment with Nanoman the wheel becomes super hydrophobic which causes water to bead up and roll off the surface.  This water beading picks up and carries away fresh surface contaminants including brake dust.  This self cleaning effect helps to make routine cleaning easier as it stops brake dust bonding with the surface.

Brake dust not only looks awful on wheels but can actually damage and pit the metal surface if they are not regularly cleaned

The next time you come to clean your wheels, the dirt and brake dust will just wash off effortlessly as it has only stuck to the product, not your wheels.

So save yourself time, money and backache, a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all you need to keep your wheels clean.

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Car Wheel and Rim Protection

Wheel and Rim Nano Coating and Sealant


Wheel & Rim Kit



Instructions Brochure Nanoman Car Wheel & Rim Nano Coating Protection Wheel and Rim Nano Polish

Nanoman Wheel and Rim Kit Contains

1 x 250ml Pre Cleaner

1 x 100ml Nano Coating

Wheel and Rim Nano Polish

Nanoman Wheel and Rim Applications

Nanoman Wheel and Rim is incredibly durable, is 100% UV stable, chemical resistant and perfectly suited to Australia’s harsh, dusty road conditions. Dirt and brake dust will not be able to gain purchase on the wheel or rim surface. Say goodbye to brake dust build up and staining.

Harsh wheel cleaners and scrubbing will no longer be required and cleaning time for rims will be dramatically reduced.

Unlike wheel waxes this 21st century nanotechnology coating will not wash off, and repels water, dirt, oils, brake dust and other pollutants that usually stick to your rims.

It is unaffected by heat and will not melt off like traditional wheel products from the substantial heat generated by your brakes.


Brake Dust RepellentEasy Clean / Self Cleaning nano coated wheel Easy Clean Nano Coated Wheel


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Nanoman Nano Easy Clean Coating for Wheels Nano Easy Clean / Self Cleaning Coating Free DElivery Australia Wide SEcure payments Powered by Paypal 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

For excellent long lasting protection against brake dust and corrosion, apply a coat of Nanoman’s Wheel Sealant to any kind of wheel. Like any good auto enthusiast, you wouldn't dream of leaving your paint unprotected, so what about your wheels?

The kit containers a cleaner and nano coating.  No need to purchase a separate cleaner.

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