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Nano Enabled Window and Glass Coating For Easy Clean / Self Clean

Nanoman Window and Glass coating is a Nanotechnology enabled glass coating, and once applied forms a thin layer on the surface with excellent roll-off behaviour for water, simplifying the removal of dirt and scaly residue. It reduces cleaning intervals, keeps glass cleaner between cleans and saves on costs of maintenance, by reducing the requirement to use harmful chemicals to clean glass.

Treated glass becomes hydrophobic with self cleaning / easy cleaning properties.

Once Windows or Glass are coated with Nanoman water will form droplets and roll-off the glass surface and will not spread out into a uniform film.

Benefits and Advantages of Nanoman Glass Coating

Areas of Application for Nanoman Glass Coating

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Nanoman nano coating in action on a window
Nano Coated Window Nano Glass Coating for awnings easy clean nano coating for rooftop windows and skylights easy clean nano coating for glass pool fences easy nano glass coating for balustrades easy clean nano coating for glass and green houses self - easy clean nano coating for glass facades of buildings Nano coating for self clean easy clean shop windows Nano coating for self cleaning easy cleaning of windows Easy Clean Window Coating Self Cleaning Window Coating Nano Coating for Windows

Water Repellent - Dust Repellent - Transparent – Easy-to-Clean - Anti-Bacterial - Anti-Corrosive-Surface energy reduction

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