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Rain Repellent

Nanoman Windscreen Rain Repellent is a game changer in the automotive industry.  It is a nanotechnology enabled windscreen rain repellent coating specifically engineered for automotive glass making the windscreen surface super hydrophobic. One application will completely enhance your wet weather driving experience by improving visibility to a point where windscreen wipers are virtually redundant at speeds of about 55 Km/h

All road users including commercial and public transport operators will see an immediate improvement in their wet weather visibility, leading to less driver stress, more comfortable driving and enhanced safety.

The coated surface displays a very high ability to repel water, dirt and oil, known as the “lotus effect”.  Similar to how a lotus leaf works in nature, the super hydrophobic properties of Nanoman Windscreen Rain Repellent allow dirt particles to be picked up by water droplets which simply roll off making it harder for containments to adhere to the windscreen.

This significantly reduces / eliminates the need to use expensive and environmentally damaging cleaning chemicals.

Rain Repellent features detailed below

Rain Repellent Features

Nanoman Windscreen Contents

Nanoman Windscreen Contains:

Everyone is joining the ‘Nano’ trend and a number of manufacturers are putting nano on all their products. However Nanoman Windscreen Rain Repellent is true nanotechnology that has been developed specifically for windows and glass following extensive testing and research.

Post application, the windscreen displays unheard of hydrophobic properties making the usage of wipers at redundant at speeds of about 55 Km/h.  However caution needs to be exercised when driving in wet weather

1 x 25ml Pre Cleaner

1 x 25ml Windscreen Coating

1 x Microfibre cloths

25ml of Nanoman Windscreen will coat the windscreen of of a medium / large sized car twice.

Uses for Nanoman Glass Rain Repellent

Applications for Glass Rain Repellent


Windscreen Rain Repellent


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Nanoman Windscreen




Nanoman Windscreen Rain Repellent
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